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There is more than one point of connection between the works of Chilean artists Iván Navarro and Samuel Domínguez; their works reflect their commitment to social and political issues. Both artists have developed a distinctive visual language and have worked in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and installation.


Landscape and territory are recurring themes in his works, although they are
approached in different ways. 


In the work of Samuel Domínguez, the landscape is used as a metaphor to reflect on the relationship between the human being and the environment, and as a way of denouncing the negative consequences of human actions on the environment.


How do we face the notion of landscape today? How do we understand the
landscape and the territory from the ‘natural’? These are questions that Samuel leaves between seeing in his ASCENSE installation.

ASCENSO, as the artist himself explains: “is an invitation for the viewer to immerse
themselves in an artificial stage built digitally. The trees, rocks, and pieces of earth are installed in what appears to be a movie studio, with metal structures and a chroma green background, a color that is used in post-production to replace the background in audiovisual narrations.”


On the other hand, Iván Navarro uses the territory as a way of reflecting on the politics and history of Chile. Often, his neon pieces center around the idea of the light tower, as a symbol of oppression. His works also reflect the relationship between the individual and power, and the way in which power is exercised over the territory and society.


FIGHT FOR YOUR LAND is a neon palm tree covered in glass, where Navarro poetically compiles the history of revolutions that have occurred in the Caribbean, the historical struggles that man has had to recover his territory.


Navarro and Domínguez use specific symbols and techniques to create sensory and
emotional experiences for the viewer. Both artists use a conceptual approach to
approach their work, and seek to involve the viewer in a sensory experience that allows them to reflect on issues that affect the relationships between the individual, urban space, and society.

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