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Mahara Martinez

October 2021

VitrinaLab launches the first Chilean art gallery in NFT.

After an open call, we selected 27 Chilean artists to be part of the innovative Humbl NFT Marketplace platform.

NFTs are revolutionizing the contemporary art market; However, they have been around for around six years. In 2021, they have gained strength, establishing themselves as a new medium to exhibit digital art.


It is the acronym in English for non-fungible tokens. In other words, it is a piece of information contained within a secure registry called a blockchain; NFTs have an encrypted language that makes them trustworthy, guaranteeing that the data they collect cannot be modified.

Photos, videos, gifs, audio, and other digital files can be rendered as an NFT. Suppose you have collected coins, comic books, or stamps. In that case, you will feel identified with the NFTs that are intended for their collection, such as the famous Cyberpunks that exist only virtually.

Vitrinalab Foundation partnered with Humbl NFT Marketplace to create the first Chilean art gallery in NFT.

If you want to see or buy a selection of contemporary Chilean art, you can go to this link

For this section, we spoke with two Chilean artists who participated in the call, Catalina Tucca, with The Sensitive Project and Hernán Rivera, with Vortex of Unattractive Universe 2021.

We talked to:

Lives in Brooklyn NY


1. What projects are you participating in for the VitrinaLab NFT platform?

There are three video animations, part of The Sensitive Project, that I began developing in 2020 amid the pandemic to help people visualize their emotions. Through a participatory and audiovisual process, in which I interviewed people from different parts of the world who wanted to share their feelings, I gave physical characteristics to those feelings or sensations. These descriptions were then interpreted and rendered by different 3D modelers, also at different latitudes. In this way, I am generating a global archive of emotions in digital form.


2. What options do NFTs bring to art?

Perhaps to enter a different market, a world initially far removed from the visual arts and traditional galleries. But for the same reason, perhaps many artists have been reluctant to enter the world of NFTs, as they are associated with very different niches, such as ‘gamers’, sports, memes, etc.


3. What is your vision that NFTs do not occupy physical space?

It has nothing to do with physical space; on the contrary, NFTs do occupy it. To create an NFT, you need a series of -supercomputers-, located in large warehouses somewhere in the world that allow blockchain technology to operate and that the NFT is not replicated. There is an environmental debate with Bitcoin and the NFT format because they require a lot of energy. On the other hand, art has been physical; in the 60s, artists were already working with video, sound, and performance formats.


4. What are your future plans?

I will continue with The Sensitive Project; in addition to the 3D animations that I presented at NFT, I am working on the manufacturing in volume (physical objects) of the same emotions, allowing people to touch and hold their feelings as those of others. These will be exhibited for the first time in an upcoming exhibition at Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Canada. in February 2022

Lives in NY


1. What projects are you currently in?

I am preparing an open studio in collaboration with some Spanish curators who live in New York. I am also working with a Peruvian costume designer; we will integrate her designs with my work. And I’m also working on a single show for the end of the year.


2. Tell us about your NFT proposal for VitrinaLab?

It is a work that tries to translate the analogous format to a digital format. I generated a new piece of art from a physical art piece that I already had done, but when I transformed it, it was different. So I made three different versions, and here I am showing one of them.


3. What options do NFTs bring to art?

The NFTs opened a new space, which did not exist. I think now it’s more viral than anything, and I imagine it will stick. But I don’t believe that art will ever stop being physical. NFTs are not going to eliminate the physical relationship that artists have with objects. On the contrary, they will live together. For example, I make digital pieces, but I still make physical pieces. It is an exaggeration to think that we are going there, what is that they will cohabit and the subject will be more understandable for many users.


4. Do you think NFTs could democratize art?

It would be incredible, but I don’t know if it happens there are NFTs that have been sold for several million dollars. So what is happening is that many artists are selling NFT among friends. But I don’t think the issue that art is private and is handled by collectors will end.


5. Do you plan to continue exploring with the NFT format?

Sure, when the opportunity appears. I have done digital work since 2002. I have always been curious about that format, so I will likely continue doing projects of that type.




Andrea Hauer

Est. Madrid

Andrea Wolf

Est. New York

Antonio Castillo

Est. Santiago

Carla Fache

Est. Miami

Catalina Tuca

Est. New York

Cristian Cuevas 

Est. Santiago

Cristián Arregui Berger

Est. Santiago

Mauricio Arenas ( DeGrupo)

Est. New York

Daniel Velazquez VLZQZ

Est. Santiago

Denisse Tala

Est. Miami

Emilio Fuentes Traverso

Est. Santiago

Hernán Rivera Luque

Est. Santiago

Isabel Brinck

Est. Miami

Jairo Villalobos

Est. Santiago

Jeannette Moris

Est. Santiago

Leonardo Portus

Est. Santiago

Magdalena Vial

Est. Santiago

Maria Jose Benvenuto

Est. Sydney

Nicole Reiss Rendic

Est. Santiago

Patricio González

Est. Santiago

Paula Valenzuela Antúnez

Est. Santiago

Pietro Fergnani

Est. Santiago

Raimundo Edwards Alonso

Est. Santiago

Rodrigo Cabezas

Est. Santiago

Sebastián Baudrand

Est. Puerto Varas, Patagonia, Chile

Sebastian Riffo Montenegro

Est. Santiago

Valentina Maldonado

Est. Santiago


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