“Al filo de la Conciencia"



Mono González & Inti Castro

December 2019

“Al filo de la Conciencia” : A 10,000 square foot mural created by Inti Castro and Alejandro (Mono) González in the center of Miami.

Through the executive management of VitrinaLab, two Chilean artists made a mega 10763 sq feet mural in the Megacenter Brickell building in Miami in 2019.
“Al filo de la Conciencia” ( Conscience Edge) (2019) is the name of a 10,000 square foot mural created by the well-known Chilean artists and muralists Inti and Mono González located in the heart of one of the cities with the highest development of contemporary and urban art, Miami.
This mural seeks to create reflection and to take action in the climate change, it calls for the old generations and the youth to wake up from the apathy for our planet, at the same time it tries to motivate the quest for welfare, environmental care and the preservation of the planet.
This gigantic work was developed during the Art Basel week in December 2019 in the Megacenter Brickell building. It is a milestone for Chile, since it spotlights big representatives of the national arts, and seeks to promote the visibility of Chilean urban art through two of its top exponents.
This mega project was created thanks to the executive management of VitrinaLab, produced and curated by Galeria Lira, and sponsored and financed by Mega Centerus.

Mono González

Alejandro “Mono” González (Curicó, 1947), is a muralist, visual artist, theater , cinema and television set designer.
He studied at the Escuela Experimental Artística of Santiago, where he specialized in painting. His teachers were Fernando Marcos and Osvaldo Reyes, who had assisted painters like Siqueiros, Orozco and Rivera in Mexico. After that, he studied theater design in the School of Fine Arts of the University of Chile.
He has worked as set designer for TV commercials, films and the theater. He was the head of Set Painting at the Teatro Municipal during the 80s. He was responsible of urban landscapes in films like Machuca, La frontera, La fiebre del loco, and La lección de pintura, and even the sets of the Franja del No.

Inti Castro

Inti Castro (Valparaíso, 1982) is a well-known muralist that lives in France, whose work has projected the Latin American imaginary all over the world, in places like Lebanon, Norway, France and Chile and a dozen of other countries.
In his huge murals, the artist talks about the Latin American and Chilean culture, the people and the customs in the South Cone. He highlights the native traditions of Latin America and establishes a dialogue in his works with the cityscape, attracting the view of the passers-by.
A fusion of Pre-Columbian symbols, colors and designs with a personal style, now iconic after a 24-year career on the walls. Inti´s works have portrayed on the walls of the world, a variety of folklore references, typical costumes and ornamental masks of Latin American cultures. There, he makes a constant reflection on the challenges of defeating injustices and inequalities in Latin America.

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