A Mural for Miami

This mural is the second Chilean mural of the Megacenter Brickell Building, out of a total of 4 that are contemplated. The first is a 10,000 square foot mural called Al Filo de la Conciencia and painted by Inti and Mono González, our greatest exponents of muralism in Chile. 

We invite you to be part of the history of Miami by sponsoring the creation of the second stage of the Mural “This is Chile”, a mural made by a Chilean artist in Miami.


Art gathers, inspires, makes one think, embellishes. Art in public spaces is a meeting point and opinion.

ARTIST: Francisco Maturana (Matusao)
WORK: Volver la Mirada
SIZE: 5,812 square feet
WHERE: Megacenter Building, between Little Havana and Brickell, in the heart of the city of Miami, with great visibility from the I95 highway.

Curated by Lira Arte Público

Volver la mirada

It is an attempt to return to the roots of our art as Latin Americans. It is the geometric forms and the synthesis of the human figure that characterized our ancestors for hundreds of years. A particular vision of the sacred in a world where life, art, magic and nature were one. Through this Mesoamerican vessel that represents a god of rain, a shaman warrior, the omen of a rain that renews, cleanses, prompts us to look again at how our ancestors resurfaces. An opportunity to look back.



It is the pseudonym of Francisco Maturana. He is a visual artist, born in  a Chilean city called Concepción, who has developed his work through painting and murals. In street art, his artistic work arises from the problematization of local and spatial elements through a process of investigation and observation.
He has painted murals in international urban art festivals in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador and Spain, developing his own reflections on places, cultures and their particular contexts on the wall.

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