VitrinaLab Foundation presents

Claudio Muñoz Fuentes


MARCH 13TH – 30TH – 2023

Little Havana

515 SW 12 Ave. 525
MIAMI – FL 33130

With the support of the Miami-Made County Department of Cultura Affairs and the Cultural Affaires Council, the Miami-Made County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.

En la luz las alas is a community-based mural project that will take place in the neighborhood of Little Havana. This project derives from a poem written by Chilean novelist and poet, Pablo Neruda; in this poem, Neruda talks about migration and exile- what it means to be away from your homeland due to economic, social, and political difficulties. The creation of the “En la luz las alas” mural serves as a means to connect with the residents of the Little Havana neighborhood, which is heavily populated by immigrants from all walks of life. We are striving to create a mural that is transformative, empowering, and heartfelt, which is why our focus is community involvement; the participation of the community in the creative process of the mural is a major factor of the overall purpose of this project. Having the residents of Little Havana participate in the creative process generates not only a personal connection to this community of immigrants but also creates a deeper and profound meaning to the mural itself.

The art of muralism has played a key role in reinventing public spaces in all the different neighborhoods in Miami; we want this project to be a bridge that generates profound changes and creates an even greater bond within the community of Little Havana.

The project would take place throughout the month of November 2022. In the first week of November, the artist, Claudio Muñoz Fuentes, will collaborate with a local organization called “Healthy Little Havana” and the community residents to come up with the mural itself; the plan is for the community and the artist to collaborate in the creative and physical process of the project. The mural itself will be located on the outside of the Healthy Little Havana organization building. In the following weeks, Claudio will be painting the mural with the help and participation of the community, allowing residents of all ages to come together and create a profound bond within the community.

Once the mural is finished, the artist, Claudio, along with leaders of the Healthy Little Havana organization will hold workshops for children and teenagers. In these workshops, the children and teenagers will be encouraged to create art through different mediums having to do with their lives and part in this community of immigrants; the workshop is used as a tool for reflection, and connection. Since this is a community project and an outside mural, there would be no entrance fee; admission is free.


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